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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. If you applied to be a faction leader then please message me. I noticed that our little list of people that we use to find your tickets easier and your biographies seems to have not been updated since we had talks about opening up Nordic leadership. So I am going to make sure that both new factions have their lists up to date for the faction leader so if you applied for Vaegir or Nord faction lead make sure to message me.

To help speed up the process вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор bit once we can sit all the staff down we will be able to see all the applicants easier this way and get a decision out faster. First of all, we now that last weeks were "a bit" stale from our side. During this time, we collected feedback from the community and we know that some of the things need to be altered in order to get things running and make the gameplay more accessible.

More export points are going to be added, so you will be able to export bigger variety of goods. In addition, current prices are going to be altered to boost up the economy. Nords residing in Curin Castle and Vaegirs in Tehlrog. Some work has to be done in order to make the server вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор module work properly, and we want to give future faction leaders some time to organise their factions and invite people.

We finally have a proper log viewer so Because of this, we were able to develop a read article that will help you keep up with our updates. Boring technical details The application was developed with C. It uses ClickOnce install publishing which means that every time the program is launched, it checks for updates to itself the application, not the Argad Bay mod.

This might take a little bit of time as the number of files growsbut is much faster than the alternatives. After that a similar list of remote checksums is fetched from the server and the two lists compared.

From that we figure out a list of files that need to be downloaded and the download begins. Once open, use the "Update" button to get the latest version information and download any missing files. The "Play" button simply launches your game through steam.

The "Exit" button obviously closes the application. It is highly advised that whenever you need to download the new update, you use the launcher. It is obviously not required to play on Argad Bay, but starting next week, we will no longer казино hilti все официальный средства играться рулетка на веб-сайт вулкан partial updates with zipped up text files.

Instead, we will be uploading the full MB download on the forum, and ship partial updates via the launcher. If you find any problems with the application, report them in this thread. Any feedback is welcome. Future Plans With the release of the launcher, we will be pushing a few mod updates in the coming days that will address known bugs. Please remember to report any issues via a ticket and not a direct message to an admin.

That is all the news for tonight. Our application is signed by one of our developers, but as we are not вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор of any dedicated, microsoft-approved development team, our certificate is not recognized in Windows.

All you have to do is accept the warning and the installation will proceed. We promise there are no viruses, key-loggers, bitcoin miners or any shady stuff of that kind.

We do ask that a few members of the community do a virus scan on our application and confirm here on the forum that we can be trusted. All you have to do is to download the patch from "START PLAYING NOW!

We should be back online this week. Further details will be given in upcoming days. This is in relation to the previous announcement: Worry not, situation is mostly resolved by now.

We have examined the databases and studied evidence pointing towards duping; if we found any remote signs of it, we have taken actions, removing the duped items and reducing gold or otherwise limiting the impact of server-wide exploitation of flaws with our gamemode, voluntarily or not. Your account has most likely been reverted to "normal" state, or in worst case - wiped thoroughly.

More about bug reporting:. Ultimately, by the time the server wipe is pushed we will allocate alot of fixes administered into the server. Some of the planned fixes are: We apologize, as stated in the images, for the tremendous issue this must have created for all players. This time hopefully without any interruptions Right now whenever you any kind of buying, crafting, etc.

Your player class and faction will also load immediately after you enter the server. Some of you might have to become the desired class again due to server crashes yesterday.

If you bought an item yesterday, you most likely will not have it, but you are reimbursed in Denars. We are aware that there might be small bugs here and there but it looks like the server is fully ready to go.

As far as вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор go, you can do either of 2 things. In order to maintain cohesion and an OOCly organized flow of equipment requests being spawned in and satisfied, we will password the server for the initial вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор time of the server, ultimately removing it after the core individuals receive their gear.

To acquire the password you MUST join the teamspeak and await your turn which will be done in paylods, explained next. Regarding the payload order, it will play out in the following manner:. The assignment of doors and the like will also be done here. If you are arriving to the вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор with the Lord, you will still be spawned in gear, but you will be taking part in the first event of the server, explained down the line.

Once your gear is received, you are free to passive RP with one another in your respective territories, but we ask to NOT engage in вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор sort of combat RP with each other or with the spawning in players, as technically the world is still OOCly paused.

The same rules apply, the same as Payload 1. Once the last of the commoners are given their goods, the server password will unlock and the first event of the server will commence: The arrival of the Swadian Lords with their retinue.

Once the server opens and is announced to be live, full RP will be allowed, any players who join after the payloads will be handled in a case by case manner.

Server Commands will be available from the start of the server and can be found here:. Hope to see you soon, thanks for docking at Argadbay. This happened on multiple occasions today. The purpose of the beta battle will be to simulate a small shield battle with multiple variants of combatants and classes to give the players a first-hand experience of the renovated combat experience and generally just for fun.

The factions that will be laid out will be Swadians versus Nords, equipment of such will vary from a spearmen brigade to swordsmen, bowmen to crossbowmen and so on. The server will be protected with a password and will вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор be acquired by joining and participating in the teamspeak as to avoid unnecessary killing and general trolling.

We expect people to listen to staff members and keep an open mind while we set up both sides of the fighters. We have a good news and a bad news. The bad news is that as the clock ticks down, we have decided to postpone the official, full visit web page start. You can now download the module by clicking the "Start Playing" button in the forum menu.

Hello everyone, our third Player to Admin Meeting will be on: Unlike the other two admin meetings we will be conducting some rules during the admin-player discussion as to improve efficiency when it comes to getting the important questions done, here are some note-worthy rules:.

Like before, feel free to bring any questions, concerns or regards about the upcoming server. Hopefully we will accommodate more people with the meeting being on a weekend-day. We hope to see you there! Good morning вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор and gentlemen! Get your вы даёте мне средства на казино вулкан хардкор on, mount your horses and sharpen your swords because Argad Bay is here! After weeks of programming, writing, painting, editing, configuring, meming, testing, rewriting and redoing In the upcoming days our read article will be finalizing all of our goals and thoroughly testing the server to ensure smooth server start.

A few days before the opening day we might ask the factions leaders to join the server, help us test and retrieve the items, horses and other props for their factions. The opening itself is scheduled for the American Independence Day long weekend, two weeks from now. Saturday, July 2nd at Other timezones towards the bottom. How will we join the server? In that time the FLs can do whatever they want but we advise they take the time to appropriate living quarters to potential players that will be joining their factions.

I already joined a faction, will I spawn in the walls of that faction? We will ask you for a list of players that should be immediately teleported to your keep as they join for the first time. When and how can we download the mod? We will announce the final release of the mod a day before the start date.

The announcement will be similar to the Beta Tests ad. How to install the mod? Instructions are available in the forum menu under the "Start Playing" tab. Where to find all the commands and guides to our interfaces? Most of these resources are scattered on the forum in update threads but will we release a short and comprehensive list of commands and descriptions of how individual systems work 3 days before the opening day.

Are you recruiting for the Admin Team? Whenever we feel the need to introduce new admins, we will ask our current team to propose players that in their opinion were standing out for being good roleplayers and a positive force in the community as a whole.


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